Online classes to transform chaos into Freedom!

When was the last time you lived like you were free?

If your emotions of overwhelmgrief, anxiety, guilt, or even shame
have prevented you from close relationships and enjoying life,
let Serenity University teach you a better way to live.

  • 8-week Book Study
  • Perfect for groups or individual study
  • See your circumstances through God's eyes
  • Practical tools for increased serenity
  • Learn to navigate difficult relationships
  • 5-Day Course
  • Quit being a slave to your emotions
  • Fight off the enemy's lies
  • Align your emotions with the truth
  • Simple, practical steps with a big impact
  • 5-day challenge
  • Keep a healthy perspective
  • Surrender to His will
  • Take your thoughts captive
  • Stand on faith & gratitude
  • 12-week course
  • Find your voice
  • Heal from codependency
  • Learn healthy boundaries
  • Discover your mission statement
  • 15-week course
  • Define your dream
  • Set goals with God's will
  • Strategize your journey
  • Stay flexible despite challenges
  • Now Available! Over 60 Interviews
  • True stories of overcoming with faith
  • Resilient women who leaned on God
  • Biblical tools & strategies to thrive
  • Topics range from cancer to sex trafficking
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  • Coming Soon!
  • Devotionals & questions for those struggling
  • Introduction to emotional time management
  • Bring awareness to your thoughts
  • Focus on making balanced, healthy choices
  • Now Available!
  • Includes Bloom Today TV episodes
  • Answer questions to delve deeper
  • Participate in exercises toward healing
  • Topics range from body image to abuse

What We Offer

Expert Testimonies
Action Steps & Exercises
Peer Support
Prayer Covering
Christian Worldview
Biblical Wisdom

Why Serenity Unversity Works

Serenity University does not attempt to add anything to Biblical wisdom. Instead, everything from the lessons to the forums are based purely in scriptural truth.

Life Coach, Ginny Priz, teaches Biblical principals in a straight forward and easy-to-understand approach. The university combines three types of experiences to achieve transformative power!


Every lesson of every courses based on scripture and focuses on bringing that knowledge from your head to your heart. Students can delve deeper into the character of God and His promises.


Each lesson requires the student to take time out of their week to answer questions or participate in an exercise so the student can translate what they've learned into their everyday life.


Members have access to forums where students can ask questions, support and pray for one another. Plus, members can receive discounts on coaching with Ginny Priz directly.

Meet The Coach Behind Serenity University: Ginny Priz

  • Professional Christian Life Coach (CPLC)
  • SCORRE Certified Speaker

Being born without a full right arm was the blessing that gave her faith in God’s plan. 

Beginning in college, Ginny put her faith in the backseat for a decade. Finally, after years of struggling with anxiety, codependency, and addiction, She gave in to God and let Him change her journey through the serenity prayer.

"I finally discovered my value in Christ – not just in my head, but in my heart where it belongs! My life was completely transformed!" she says.


Today, she has a passion for sharing this transformational power to help others along their own serenity journey. Her book Ditch The Drama: How to Access God's Promises of Joy and Freedom No Matter What The World Throws At You  reached #5 on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" in the 12 Step Program category. It equips readers with the right tools to help them navigate difficult emotions and relationships, discover (or rediscover) their identity in Christ, and experience joy and freedom in any situation.

Beauty From the Ashes is an online ministry she began to offer hope to hurting women who are feeling alone and hopeless. 4x per year, a series of interviews that includes 10 women’s stories covering 10 different topics. These women reveal how God healed them and restored them out of the ashes of their pain. Past topics include: abortion, control, suicide, abandonment, abusive relationships, thoughts of worthlessness, affairs, etc.

You can also sign up for her weekly serenity devotional videos, or watch previous videos on her blog.

Ginny also serves as a teacher and sponsor through the Celebrate Recovery program.

When she is not working or catching up with friends over good food, she enjoy watching science-fiction movies, hiking, and watching God’s greatest canvas: the sky!

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You are Priceless! God has declared it by sending His son so that you could live in freedom. And we are dedicated to making that freedom available through practical healing education for spirit, soul, and body available at an affordable price.