Trust Academy

Trust Academy helps you to put down your fear & anxiety and finally trust in the Lord for clarity surrounding your relationships!

Your relationship with the Lord will become more intimate. Through weekly lessons you'll see areas of your life that can be fully surrendered in order to receive restoration and healing.

This course was specifically built to provide freedom for those struggling with chronic worry, being stuck due to fear, and codependent behaviors. Whether your levels of fear exist at a low hum in the background or a deafening thunder, you'll experience a breakthrough of peace, clarity, and confidence in this course.

One student had spent 4 years “on-and-off” in Codependents Anonymous without much success. After 90 days in Trust Academy, she had finally attained the results she wanted and learned the tools to propel her even further into healing!

You will focus on 3 specific areas of your life:

  1. Trusting God with who He made you to be.
  2. Trusting God with the people around you.
  3. Trusting God with the direction of your future.

30 days will be dedicated to each area. During that time you will:

  • Build an awareness of how you operate in each area
  • Discover which beliefs and behaviors you've outgrown
  • Replace them with God's truth
  • Learn new tools to create clarity

Each week you will watch a 10-15 minute video lesson. You will also be assigned an exercise and/or questions to reflect on throughout the week.

You will get out of this course exactly what you put into it. Start by getting honest with yourself and be as thorough as you can with each question and exercise.

Meet Your Host: Ginny Priz, Certified Life Coach & Speaker

Welcome to the challenge! I'm Ginny Priz. God blessed me by creating me with a right arm that only extends just below the elbow. My prosthetic keeps me “armed” for anything. I'm also a survivor of trials that left me in ashes. My identity as “the good girl” was torched in 2011 when my codependency and reliance on alcohol earned me a conviction for “Driving Under the Influence.”

It was in that broken place that I learned how to completely trust the Lord for everything: blessings and trials, small things and large.

Because of that trust, I was able to step out of my chronic worry, my obsession with performance, my spiraling thoughts, and even my high blood pressure!

I came to know God’s promise of peace and freedom were not just surface level, but deep and lasting! My desire is to help you learn the practical tools and habits you need to open the door to your own lasting peace and freedom.

What Trust Academy Students Are Saying:

“The, Trust Academy has changed my life…I feel transformed in my feelings, thoughts, and desires. I've had healing in being able to love others, build close relationships the other ladies, and see myself truly as a…masterpiece! I strongly recommend this course for everyone. If you have an area of your life that controls you, or you can't focus, or just feel you can't go on, then don't give up! Give God and Ginny and Trust Academy a chance to change you, heal you, deliver you and restore you. You will not regret it at all! I got more out of this whole journey than I ever thought I would. The key is to say “Yes God, I surrender and I'm ready to become the daughter of the king he made me to be.”” – Marsha Patterson, OK

“Trust Academy is a program that will help give you a whole new perspective. It brought a major shift for me and changed the course I was taking by the tools it provided along the way. Ginny!s teachings are completely led through the Holy Spirit from her trust in God. The impact of her coaching, through the support of everyone, led me to do things I would of otherwise never done or thought of. Bring your brokenness here and let yourself be guided as you find your true identity in Christ. Live in the truth and let it set you free.” – Dawn Mann, MI

“When I first began, I just wanted some calm and peace in what seemed like such a turbulent life. I’ve learned that…no matter what the past has been, I’m forgiven! He holds my future, and He will fight for me. I feel like my relationship with Christ has deepened and I’m searching out more and more truths. This is probably the most excited I’ve been in a very long time to learn more and more about myself, what He wants for me, and how much He really loves me. It’s just so amazing!” – Stephanie Parsons-Jackson, MS

“My goal was to let go of the self hatred. I was really struggling to get past that and kept hitting a brick wall. The first 30 days were so powerful. I realized that I was hurting myself with my old defense mechanisms by continually going to them when I was afraid. With this came the understanding of what my triggers were and then…learning to recognize them and then choose to respond differently.  TOTALLY different than what I had been doing all my life. I am so grateful for these lessons, gifts, women- everything.  God is using everything! I am amazed.” – Michele Ellen, NJ

“I have learned that in order to see myself the way God sees me,  I must first love myself.  What I say to myself really does matter.  That I can't trust my feelings because they lie and that God's truths are the only real truth.” – Lori Cunningham, OH

Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 Weeks + *BONUS Week*

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Ginny Priz Ginny Priz Author

Being born with her right arm stopping just below the elbow taught Ginny to trust God’s plan. But her recovery journey from codependency, alcohol, & panic attacks taught her to trust God with the deep, broken parts of her heart – one moment at a time. To help other women find this freedom, Ginny became a certified Christian life coach, speaker, and author of Ditch The Drama. She also anchors Bloom Today, a Christian talk show broadcast in over 200 countries.

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Trusting God with Who He Made You to Be

Trusting God with the People Around You

Trusting God with Your Future Path

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