Finally Access Joy & Freedom

If you are ready to change your perspective and start receiving more joy and freedom - even amidst the chaos - then this study will not disappoint! You'll have the motivation and the accountability to see your circumstances and your relationships through God's loving eyes.

Perfect for small groups, large groups, or a personal, private journey.

Over eight weeks you'll discover a deeper relationship with God alongside practical tools to keep you anchored no matter what the world may look like around you.


Healing for Body, Soul, and Spirit

This is a unique and groundbreaking course that uses proven healing methods and strategies to help you heal from the pains and hurts of life.

If you are struggling with any manner of pain, including loss, fear & anxiety, divorce, abuse, depression, codependency, unmet expectations or addiction, then this course will have an enormous healing impact on your life and bring you freedom you never thought possible!

The strategies you’ll learn will help you navigate the healing process including addiction and trauma recovery. You’ll receive emotional & spiritual healing that will foster physical healing.


Learn to ditch Fear while getting Peace and Clarity!

Trust Academy helps you to put down your fear & anxiety and finally trust in the Lord for clarity surrounding your relationship with the Lord and others.

This course is specifically built to provide freedom for those struggling with codependency, or chronic worry and fear. Whether your levels of worry exist at a low hum in the background or a deafening whine, you’ll experience a breakthrough of peace, clarity, and confidence in this course.

  • Build an awareness of how you operate in each area
  • Discover which beliefs and behaviors you’ve outgrown
  • Replace them with God’s truth
  • Learn new tools to create clarity

Jump Into Your Dreams Faith First!

When God places a calling on your life it's often BIG and SCARY! You want to step into your calling, but the fear starts to creep in as you imaging all of the terrible ways it could possibly go wrong.

But before you barreling off down another, "safer" path, remember that God does not bless our plans unless they are aligned with His.

This program was designed to equip you with everything you need to follow God's plan on this new chapter of your journey! 

  • Keep faith above fear
  • Learn to strategize your goals
  • Take meaningful action

If He led you to it, He will lead you through it. And, He is faithful to provide everything you need for your calling. (1 Thessalonians 4:25)


Don't Just Have Life. Have it to the FULL!

Are you tired of struggling to fully trust God with your business plan, a specific person or situation? Walk with me through this process over 5 days and discover what it takes to access the promises of GOD's Joy and Peace.

  • Focus on trusting GOD with one significant goal, person or situation.
  • Determine if you are REALLY trusting GOD or paying lip service.
  • Discover what it takes to drop the baggage.
  • Learn tools to help you trust Him with ANYTHING at ANY time.

Align Your Emotions With The Truth

Being a slave to your feelings and allowing them to determine your value is a disaster waiting to happen. You Are Priceless Boot Camp is a free, 5-day course designed to help you take your feelings out of the driver's seat and put God's truth behind the wheel.

By the end of the boot camp, you'll learn how to: 

  •  Quit being a slave to your emotions
  •  Fight off the enemy's lies
  •  Align your emotions with the truth

You're Not Alone

By staying silent about our struggles and silent about God’s healing, there is a vacuum the enemy is free to speak into.

Beauty From The Ashes speaks loud and clear into that silence.

These brave women share what it’s like to be in a dark place and then what’s like to climb out leaning on God for every ounce of strength into healing.

You’ll receive HOPE in:

  • God’s healing strength
  • Powerful coping tools & strategies
  • Connection with real women who understand the struggle

Use The Fertilizer of Your Past!

In this coaching program, we discuss those taboo subjects most churches shy away from and share testimonies filled with hope. We talk about our pain and healing to help you understand how to use the fertilizer of your past to Bloom Today!

You’ll watch a 28 minute video discussing each topic. Afterward, review the coaching tool. This is where the healing goes from theory into practical application.

Every tool goes further into depth on each video’s Biblical truths, asks questions to help you apply the teaching to your journey, and includes exercises to get you moving forward.

Coming Soon!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 3.01.56 PM

Coming Soon!

In this 8-week devotional journal, you'll learn about coping strategies and how to take your thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ.

Answer morning and evening questions and assessments to track your progress and establish new habits to keep you balanced and focused.

Recommended for anyone who is looking find more balance and awareness, or heal from life's painful experiences.

Get Started Today!

You are Priceless! God has declared it by sending His son so that you could live in freedom. And we are dedicated to making that freedom available through practical healing education for spirit, soul, and body available at an affordable price.