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    Ginny Priz


    If you are new and just joining Serenity University, or have not yet introduced yourself, we’d love to meet you!

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself with the following in the comments:

    1. Where you are from!
    2. Why you are here
    3. Something interesting or unique about you!

    I’ll go first and put my own answers in the comments below.



    Ginny Priz
    1. WHERE: I was born in Florida and then raised in New Jersey. I didn’t like it there too much, so I moved to Nashville, TN in 2011 and I love it!
    2. WHY: I am here because I passionately believe that everyone should experience freedom from all the junk and fear Satan throws at us. I want others to experience the deep love and grace I have received from our Heavenly Father and get just as excited!
    3. UNIQUE: Most people know that I was born with my right arm extending just below the elbow. What many do NOT know is that I have my mother keep all of my old arms in storage. I tell her it’s because I want them to be on display should there be a “Ginny Priz Museum” in the future. 😉
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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