Course: Recovery Strategies For Life

This is a unique and groundbreaking course that uses proven healing methods and strategies to help you heal from the pains and hurts of life.

Start Date: February 15th
Length of Course: 1 year
Weekly Time Commitment: 28 min. video (approx), plus questions & exercises

If you are struggling with any manner of pain, including loss, fear & anxiety, divorce, abuse, depression, codependency, unmet expectations or addiction, then this course will have an enormous healing impact on your life and bring you freedom you never thought possible!

The strategies you’ll learn will help you navigate the healing process including addiction and trauma recovery. You’ll receive emotional & spiritual healing that will foster physical healing.

Enrollment in this course includes:



All Serenity University Courses and Coaching Tools

Includes over 600 hours of coaching videos!



Serenity University Student Community

Because members of this community are also participants in a Serenity University course, you can be sure to have interaction with dedicated and invested students who desire to make life changes that will bring them closer to God and His will for their lives. Ask HARD questions and get REAL answers!



Monthly Group Coaching with Ginny Priz

Ask your questions in LIVE face-to-face online meetings, or send them ahead of time so Ginny can address them in the group and post the group call later on!



Coming Soon!

60+ Beauty From The Ashes Interview series

12 Episodes of Bloom Today with Coaching Tools 

Bloom Forward Journal



Two Ways To Join!


Monthly Membership

per month

Payments will be billed automatically on the same date each month.

Annual Membership

per year

Save $30.00 annually with one low payment!

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